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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 29, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> greta: it's by a mexico city band called the plastics revolution, made of 1,9505 instagram photos. that's your last call. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow night. go to greta to watch the entire video. good night from washington. ord. home of -- o'reilly factor is not a symbol of religion. factor exclusive governor lincoln chief cheaf who refuses to call a christmas tree a christmas tree enters the no spin zone. they want you to call a christmas tree a christmas tree there is no holiday tree. behind all the controversy lies a bigger secular progressive agenda. we will expose it tonight. >> merry christmas charlie brown.
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♪ hark the geraldo angels sing. >> bill: does not want to see a christmas play starring charlie brown. >> everything i do turns into a disaster. >> bill: that's how crazy things are getting. >> complims of momma's lunches. >> you boys are going to take a long lunch today. >> bill: return of the great american news quiz tonight bad parents edition. >> hey, you can't do that. >> the hell i can't. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. war on christmas the big picture. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo movement whenever the far left viciously attacks you know you are on to something. every year when we report secular progressive assaults on the tradition of christmas,
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the crazy left loans begin i have tri ole lick campaign to diminish me and this program. there is a reason why they are doing that. it has nothing to do with santa claus. let's take it step-by-step. no one tells you a person could possibly see a secular display of christmas as imposition of religion. when the rockefeller center christmas tree in new york city was lighted last night. no one threw themselves to the ground screaming about jesus. that did not happen. new york city police did not round up the onlookers and force them into saint patrick's cathedral a block away. nothing religious happened at the tree lighting. it was just a fun occasion. also you heard an atheist on this program last night say the federal holiday of christmas imposes religion on him. what religion would that be? he says christianity. but christianity is not an organized religion. a church that can be imposed there are many different churches that promote the
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christian philosophy in many different ways. does the atheist think the federal government is promoting mormonism? lutheranism? catholicism? what? after that interview the crazy left sight emerged screaming i was wrong. christianity is a philosophy. you don't have to believe jesus is god in order to admire his view on life. millions of muslims admire jesus as a profitt. in -- prophet. again if you are stone cold dumb, and don't understand the difference between an organized church and a philosophy, i cannot help you. in 1927, president calvin coolidge made my point when he sent this christmas message to the american people, quote: christmas is not a time or a season but a state of mind. to cherish peace and goodwill,
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to be plentyst and mercy is to have the real spirit of christmas. if we think on these things there will be born in us a savior and over us will shine a star sending its gleam of hope to the world, unquote. that's from my private collection, by the way. is calvin coolidge promoting religion in that christmas greeting? of course not. he is promoting a mind set of goodwill. more intelligent far left people tell you is correct. historically and they want any hint of spirit out of the public square. earlier this week: rhode island governor lincoln chaffee was asked by a reporter exactly why he will not call the state christmas tree a christmas tree. >> do you understand how some people feel like you have somehow negated their traditions? >> yes. you are absolutely right. >> whether it's gay marriage or immigrants. >> you are absolutely right. they don't want to believe
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it's time to change it. >> bill: um-huh. times are changing are they in the governor told you the truth. he is tying the christmas situation into secular progressive politics. mr. chief of staffee wants chafee wants to ignore and build a more conclusive tradition where judeo-christian philosophy is tamped down. that's the big picture. that's what it is all about. the seq. could you -- secular progressives want a new america and christians are not a part of it. last night we were able to talk with governor chafeee and i admire him for coming on because he knows i'm pretty fed up with his point of view. so, governor, a holiday tree? a holiday tree, really, governor? what's the tradition of a holiday tree?
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where does the holiday tree come from? >> well, last year when the subject came up about what we're going to do this time of year, i said just do what the previous governor did, we're not going to change anything. and that's what we did. somehow this has all erupted into some kind of controversy but i did what the previous governor did, call it a holiday tree. and the governor before him. this goes back to the 1990s. >> bill: all right, do you know the traditions of the tree and why it is used around the christmas season? do you know where that came from? >> i have heard all the different scenarios, some say it's some kind -- something to do with paganism. main thing it's a happy time of year. >> bill: i'm happy and you are happy. >> having at my house i have a christmas tree. it's a happy time in my house and it should be here. we also have to be conscious of changing times. >> bill: we will get to the changing times thing in a moment. new, the christmas tree came from germany, all right? that's where it first came from. and they decorated it for the
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children and then, you know, it kind of morphed into a santa claus thing you put, and you have christmas gifts under the tree. there is a tradition to. >> you are going to lecture me now on traditions? >> bill: wait. >> go ahead and tell me a story. >> bill: there is a tradition to it that supersedes the governors of rhode island with all due respect. there is a tradition to the christmas tree, all right? it's there in context. so guys like you come in and the previous governors and i'm sure there are people -- in other places say you know what? we don't want the christmas tree tradition anymore and that's what t's people off. you say you want people happy? they're not happy with you, governor. they want you it to call a christmas tree a christmas tree. there is no holiday tree. there is no tradition of a holiday tree. >> do you remember? did you have to go to public school and have to say the lord's prayer in a public school? >> bill: no i went to catholic school. >> okay. well, i did. and get, this first we had to say pledge of allegiance which was good but then all of us
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had to say the lord's prayer. our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. the supreme court ruled that shouldn't be. all students and non-christians have to say a christian prayer. there was outrage just like there is is now with this tree. now you look back on it and you think of course you can't ask non-christians to say a christian prayer in public school. so these controversies you generate them here but they really shouldn't be controversies it's a public building paid for by everybody. it's changing times. >> bill: it's not a symbol of religion. >> this is a secular building. it's a public building paid for by people of all religions. >> bill: the lord's prayer is obviously a religious expression. a christmas tree is. >> have to say it everybody used to have to say in elementary school and public school times change. >> bill: you are making invalid comparison. >> this is a public building.
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>> bill: you have a secular christmas tree in a public -- look, the white house has a christmas tree, okay? so what's the difference? the white house. >> you are wrong, bill. they call it a white house tree. >> bill: it's a christmas tree. barack obama calls it a christmas tree. is he your guy. he calls it a christmas tree. >> for 89 years presidents and americans have come together to light the national christmas tree. >> times are changing and here in this building previous governors not only me i just said continue what the previous governor has done and that's what i have did. you like to make a lot of controversy so all i can say on this one you are wrong. >> bill: all i want to do is keep the traditions of christmas that make most americans happy, the polls show 90% of americans celebrate christmas and they want to call it a christmas tree. you are in the minority. you are imposing your will and you're making people unhappy in a season of joy. that's not right. you are not doing the right thing, governor. >> i don't make anybody happy.
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>> bill: i know you are not making anybody happy. everybody is unhappy with you. >> merry christmas. >> bill: atheists want to burn the holiday tree. they want to just burn it you know i'm right in your heart you know i'm right. >> no. your show, fox news you guys are too angry. >> bill: i'm not angry. >> it's an angry network. listen to you, yelling. >> bill: i want our traditions to be respected. that's all. >> well, merry christmas. >> bill: all right, governor. thanks for taking the heat. we appreciate you coming on. >> have a good day. >> bill: by the way, the governor gave the good people of rhode island exactly 30 minutes today. 30 minutes to attend the tree lighting ceremony. why the short notice? he didn't want protesters. next on the run down ms. ingraham will weigh in on the that traditions of those who want to change the country ; record 580-million-dollar lottery. what does big money do to
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>> bill: continuing with lead story. joining us from washington fox news analyst laura ingraham. governor chafee looked a little unsteady this that interview especially when he denied the white house didn't call that christmas tree obviously they do. i don't think the governor is a bad man. do you have any idea what's going on inside his head? >> the chafee who stole christmas complete, bill, with a drive by tree lighting ceremony. i have never heard of a drive by tree lighting ceremony before. that is one of the funniest things i have heard yet. i mean, this is supposed to be a time when the entire community in providence can get together even those brown university students that jesse watters ran into last night. all supposed to come together and have a moment, right?
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well, chafee has to russia deal through because he knows that even the people of rhode island maybe with the exception of brown think this is ridiculous, right? but this has been going on, bill, for about five decades now because traditional christianity and the churches for the most part have been resisting the great, you know, sexual revolution, the free love stuff and everything that came along with it the secular progressives and the elites and very powerful, they have sought mostly through using the courts to diminish traditional religion in the public square. and that means diminishment of first amendment rights in the public square. it trickles down to silly things like the charlie brown christmas pageant that a little rock school. >> bill: megyn kelly is going to handle that for us ahead. let me stop you for a moment though and just explain that the christmas tree lighting in providence, long island is usually a big deal and
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everybody knows that so they can bring their children. today, as i said in the tag for the interview. governor chafee announced 30 minutes before hey there is going to be a lighting in 30 minutes. >> ready, set, go. >> bill: earlier this week his spokesperson said there wasn't going to be any lighting at all. the people of rhode island went in an uproar. there had to be a lighting so we will sneak it in so nobody knows about it because he knows. >> notice what he did in this interview with you. he did what most on the left do in a conversation like this. rather than debating the facts and the merit and the constitution, instead he falls back you are all so angry over there at fox news. you are all so angry, bill. you need to get happy. you need to evolve and get with the program. well, the fact of the matter is there are millions of americans across this country who celebrate christmas. this is a tradition that is grounded in our history, that our former presidents have acknowledged and celebrated with the people. it doesn't mean there is national religion. it doesn't mean that everybody has to believe in jesus
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christ. but he doesn't want to talk about that he wants to talk about how times have changed and basically everybody who doesn't agree with him has to get with the program, call it a holiday tree and then in these -- instances where prayer in school or moment of silence you have to go along with that too because a bunch of liberal judges will end up forcing that down the people's throat. and, bill, this is the reason that mitt romney should have talked more about judges during this election cycle. this is where it is all -- the action is in the courts. and conservatives are losing oftentimes in the courts because we're losing the presidential election. >> bill: i mean, look, you are a converted. laura converted catholicism. and i'm sure in the beginning when you were thinking about doing it you were attracted to the philosophy of jesus and how it was incorporated into the roman catholic church, how -- what the man did. there wasn't any catholic church when jesus was walking or when he was executed. all right? that came afterward. and a considerable amount of time afterward. but the philosophy of jesus attracts people and then they
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look around. do i want to be an episcopalian? i do want to be a baptist? do i want to go and be a catholic? we go and pick the church. if the government were to say hey you know what? we'll put up that roman catholic thing in providence, rhode island then they would be right. that would be -- >> -- it's about more than that. this is about a desire on the part of not just atheists of america but this is a very powerful group of elite who are very uncomfortable and very hostile to conservative christianity. it's mostly that right? conservative christians. >> bill: when he conflated the thing to illegal immigration and gay marriage you saw that. >> it's a whole pant plea of issues. it's marriage, it's abortion. those two issues are really at the core of the hostility and obviously the push back against what started in the 60's as a free love generation to everything else that followed and every debate we have had whether it's the contraceptive debate or government mandated abortions down the road, it all goes
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back to that world view. they don't like the conservative christian world view. >> bill: no. they don't want any judgment made about anybody's behavior and that's it? >> yeah. >> bill: i only have 30 seconds left. what's the deal with you? are you on? are you off? >> i told my syndicator a couple of months ago that i was terminating the deal because it's time to move on. so they had plenty of notice. i'm very close, i wish i could tell you tonight the exact syndicator i'm going with. bill bill new deal. very close i will be back on the air probably the next several days. very excited. >> bill: directly ahead in sweden they want little kids to be metro sexual. you will not believe this story. whether the supreme court will
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>> bill: culture warrior seeing want tonight. sweden liberal country. titled to grave entitlements. on the social f goes. swedish version of toys r us has issued a holiday catalog that has some people perplexed pictures of little girls brandishing toy guns and little boys wielding blow dryers, perhaps practicing for the day that they too can become hairdressers. with us now to react the culture warriors jeanine pirro and gretchen carlson. carlson, you are swedish, that's your fault. >> [speaking swedish] >> bill: what does that mean. >> that's where i'm going to end with the agreement. >> bill: what did you say. >> i will make you e.d. budafes you wouldn't like it. what i said is aspeak swedish a little bit. i have been blessed to have a boy and a girl as my children.
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>> bill: what do you think the message of the magazine. >> instinctively boys and girls go to different toys instinctively. this is ridiculous. they should have toy magazines with no kids involved and allow the kids to peruse the magazine and tell you what they like. if a boy likes a blow dryer, fine. >> bill: answer my question, please. what is the magazine trying to say in your opinion? >> they are trying to say that boys and girls should all like the same things and that we should. >> bill: that there is no difference that. >> there is no difference. >> bill: do you see it that way ms. pirro. >> yes. the swedish government has been on the front line of trying to promote this gender equality that's part of the agenda. here is the problem to not have a child in the advertisement with a toy is like having calvin klein jeans hanging there with no model. >> totally disagree. >> the interesting issue here if you follow the concern and the objection of some people is that if you put a boy with a hairdresser and by the way some of the most famous hairdressers.
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>> including the one who did my hair today are men. >> bill: they make a lot of money. i was making a joke. i wasn't casting any aspersions. >> i was told i was taking a boy's place. first woman prosecutor. >> bill: look at this guy, this little kid is making some kind of thing in the pot there. >> so what? don't men have to eat? are they all married to women? >> bill: who is vacuuming here. >> that's a girl. >> men have tone gauge in household chores. >> my son likes the easy bake oven as much as my daughter. and i don't. >> bill: you are fine with it. >> i'm fine with it here is the other important lesson about this. my daughter said to me during this election cycle, mommy, why can women not be president of the united states? >> bill: yes and you said? >> and i was shocked. >> bill: you were? >> i was shocked that that is the image that she is learning right now even though she saw sarah palin and hillary clinton four years ago. and i said to her a woman can be president and you know what? i hope you are. >> bill: i think we are
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wandering a little afar here. let's get back to this dopey catalog. in my opinion, what the toys are us swedish people are doing is politically correct. they want the adults who read the catalog, because they have the money, the tykes don't to say oh isn't that enlightened? isn't that what we here in sweden are promoting that there isn't any difference between boys and girls? and of course there is a difference. but in sweden apparently they don't want to acknowledge that pirro. i think that's what this is all about. >> i think what it is about is the fear of some people that if you give children a toy that is not considered something that their gender would want to play with that somehow we are promoting like homosexuality and reversals in roles. when i was a little girl growing up and i said i wanted to be a lawyer, people said don't you want to be a mommy? the thinking is if i had followed this reasoning, this gender-specific reasoning i wouldn't have been a judge, i wouldn't have been a d.a. i wouldn't have done any of
8:27 pm
that stuff. >> bill: did you ask for law books for christmas? >>. no i was a reader. boys and girls are readers >> bill: what did you want to read westerners. >> common law, of course. >> athens drew. >> i think these toys r us people are trying to cater to or patron nice a population in sweden that wants this gender neutral stuff. that's why they did it that's it. >> here is what my fear is, bill. >> bill: your fear? >> my fear is this will be coming to the united states of america very soon. >> what's the harm? why are we fearful? what are you fearful of? that it's going to make children go to things and be sexual in a way we don't see them. >> i think it's up to me as a parent. >> bill: i think pirro has a good point though. if i can have my 9-year-old how to do my hair i save a couple hundred of bucks a month. >> that's not why they are doing it. >> no we are missing the point
8:28 pm
why they are doing it. >> two separate arguments. >> bill: 15 seconds why are they doing it. >> political correctness. >> bill: that's what i said. culture warriors everybody. boy am i going to get mail on that. the web sites are going to go crazy. two winning tickets in the amazing $580 million power ball lottery. what happens to folks when they get big money fast? we have a report. >> and then ms. megyn kelly on a school in arkansas being hammered for trying to show its students a christmas place starring charlie brown. can't have that charlie brown, huh-uh. he he is bad. hope y y y y y
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, there are two winning tickets, one in arizona, the other in missouri for the $580 million power ball jackpot. we don't know who the winners are yet. but those folks are in for major trouble. major trouble. joining us now from st. louis, sandra hayes who along with some of her co-workers won $224 million back in 2006. from sarasota, florida stephan white who won 200 million himself in 2004 from power ball. all right. we're going to start with you, mr. white because you have got the big one. 63 million after all the taxes and shenanigans came into your pocket. $63 million. you are -- were, i should say and still are. but i will explain that. a white collar worker. you are a professional man. so you get 63 million dropped on you. what was the worst thing about it? >> the news media on my front yard.
8:32 pm
to be quite honest with you. you know, you are going through a huge turmoil and all of a sudden, you know, someone who comes from a quiet background all of a sudden i have got, you know, 45 trucks parked across the street from my house. it's a little unnerving right after all this happened. >> bill: consequence of these people they go away after a while. what was the consequence of having that kind of public exposure? >> well, you know, people, at least in my case, people view us kind of as a pariah. i mean, i have had people i have known for 25 years tell me they couldn't stand the sight of me anymore. >> bill: did they articulate why? >> most of them said because i won and they didn't. and i kind of said well, look, it's the luck of the draw. >> bill: flat out jealousy? people were jealous and didn't want to hang around with you anymore? >> i'm really sad to say that it is. >> bill: okay. >> i experience it every day. >> bill: all right. it's human nature.
8:33 pm
ms. hayes, you won 6 million. not nearly what mr. white won but still a substantial amount of money. what was the worst part about that for you? >> people coming out of the woodwork and expecting me to divvy my money up and give it away. >> bill: tell me how that works. you were a child services social worker, which is, what, 50, 6,000. you are a middle class woman. so you win this 6 million. that's not a fortune. that's a lot. but it's not a fortune. people would come up to you and say, what? would would they say? >> well, basically i was making $25,000 a year. and i did not quit my job right away. i received letters, phone calls, people would come up to my job and give me sob stories. and wanting, you know, excessive amount of money from me. i didn't know those people. so the answer would be no.
8:34 pm
>> bill: come up to you and ask you for money. that's a very difficult thing. so there is pressure upon anybody who wins from other people who want the money. now, ultimately, mr. white, you invested your money into businesses, to expand your economic profile, right? how has that worked out? >> well, not really. i mean, the businesses were, you know, when it happened i sat back for a couple months like everybody dreams of is retiring. i was 40 years old. i couldn't retire. i had worked hard my whole life, so i took what i enjoy the most, which is cars and airplanes and created businesses around them so that, you know, if you love what you do you never work another day in your life that is kind of how i -- >> bill: you have don't have to work and you are comfortable and you are doing what you love to do that's the good news, correct. >> that's the great news, yes, sir. >> bill: few you, ms. hayes how did it work out? what did you do with the money. >> i retired at age 46 from my job. and i wrote a book how winning the lottery changed my life.
8:35 pm
i like to travel. combating a connick illness and my retirement has helped my physical condition greatly. >> bill: the money helped you also. and you are both in a place now that's better than before the power ball deal, right? you are both better now than you were before. >> correct. >> without question. without question. >> bill: we appreciate it when we come right back ms. megyn kelly on whether the supreme court will buy gay marriage as a civil rights issue. and then a great american news quiz returns tonight. the bad parents edition. maccallum and doocy warming up maccallum and doocy warming up and we will be right having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt.
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>> bill: thank for staying with us. i'm woirl in the kelly file segment tonight. three hot topics. we begin with the supreme court meeting tomorrow to consider the issue of gay marriage as a civil rights issue. you may remember that the state of california voted down gay marriage the very liberal ninth circuit of appeals ruled that the vote was unconstitutional on a civil rights basis. here now to the situation megyn kelly and lis wiehl. nobody is going to know what they say. what do you think they are going to talk about. >> they decide whether they're going to grant certain case. any of these cases there is a number of them and whether or not they are going to take
8:39 pm
them up. i think they will take one. there is nine they have to consider can respect to gay marriage. some involve prop 8 out in california. some involve the defense of marriage act which is a federal law signed by president clinton. that defines marriage as between a man and a woman for federal purposes and says, hey, if texas recognizes, well, maybe if vermont recognizes gay marriage but texas doesn't and the couple moves to texas, texas is under no obligation to recognize that marriage. that's one of the things that defense of marriage act does. >> bill: what it all comes down to i think on the umbrella issue of whether homosexual americans are being denied the right to do something that heterosexual americans are k. do. that's what it comes down to. >> these cases aren't necessarily going to force the court to consider that issue though. >> bill: that's the issue. >> larger issue that same sex marriage proponents want to come before the supreme court at some point. i don't know if they want it to come before this particular court. for years now there has been a movement to try to build support for gay marriage in the country to get more states
8:40 pm
to sign on to gay marriage. once you have saturation on that issue whether you have the majority of americans and the majority of states they would like ideally to be in their corner. that's when they want to go to the supreme court and the supreme court to decide whether it is a constitutional right. >> bill: this is political foot work here and you think that the supreme court are going to take a case or two on. >> they are not going to do big dispute. they will do little disputes. >> bill: oregon. big state for medical marijuana. 7-year-old girl with leukemia. come stock and her mother is giving her a daily dose of marijuana. >> double dose a day. >> bill: double dose. the oil of it, she is not smoking the joint. she is taking the thc in the oil form and giving it to the daughter. the father, who doesn't live in the home lives in another state is objecting to this, correct? >> yeah. the mother has sole custody of the child so she gets to make the decision for her. i think this is the mother and the boyfriend. she says look, it's the only thing that makes her feel better. she dealing with leukemia.
8:41 pm
i'm doing what's legal under the law. the lou allows not only medical marijuana for children to have it and for the parent to be the sole decider on how much medical marijuana the child gets. the law in oregon is -- >> bill: i was going to stop you and say this is insane because there should be a physician attached to this. >> yes. >> bill: if you have marijuana you have to get a physician to say you have malady. leukemia and marijuana has been in play for a long time. the 7-year-old the side effects. >> requires no monitoring. >> bill: none. >> imposes no standards for the quality, safety or potency and production of the marijuana. >> bill: this is oregon state law. >> then you hear that this mother is a big fan of, you know, medical marijuana herself. >> bill: i'm shocked? >> she even used it they said to combat nausea and vomiting pregnancy with her second child. >> bill: she was smoking pot when the kid was in the womb.
8:42 pm
>> do combat vomiting from mourning sickness. >> bill: state of oregon very secular progressive. >> the american association of pediatrics they are circulating a resolution opposing the drugs used in children. they don't think this is good for children. >> bill: at the very least a pediatrician as you pointed out on the scene. in arkansas, there is a public school. wanted to take some the tykes over to a church play that's taking place in a church because churches have stages. and the play is charlie brown around christmas time. oh, no. can't have charlie brown. huh-uh. no, no. the atheists come in. i understand that snoopy may be an atheist, did you know that? >> had to send home a work to the parents. warning that we are going to send your kids into a church and they're going to watch charlie brown and there will be some discussion of christianity. >> bill: no ceremony, church services. how are you? >> no. >> bill: none of that just the
8:43 pm
stage they are using. >> not like they are doing secret conversions in the back. >> bill: no and atheists can't have it? >> charlie brown is too much. listen, i don't think this legal challenge will survive. courts have already held the school assemblies celebrating christmas, you know, christmas songs and so on, carols, that's legal. it want can a be, have to have a secular purpose. it can't endorse a religion over other religions and can't have excessive entitlement of government and religion. this isn't an endorsement of christianity. it is an educational field trip where christianity is something they will will learn about. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. in a charlie brown play though, charlie doesn't come out as a closet catholic. is he not doing that. >> they have some readings. there is a reading from the bible in the charlie brown. >> bill: but the bible is not -- >> -- have you been too focused on rudolph. in charlie brown there is a little bible focus. >> bill: bible is not a religion. it's a book. it's a spiritual book. the bible is not a religion. everybody has to go back to the constitution and read the words. you cannot impose a religion.
8:44 pm
>> the argue. it will make is it looks like the government, the school is endorsing christianity and too much entanglement. >> bill: what about charlie brown reading the scripture though and lucy -- come on. can't have that. >> next thing you know. >> bill: i don't know. next thing you know they might actually even, you know, make the sign of the cross. >> back when i was in school. i didn't even go to catholic school we used to talk about god and prayer. >> bill: so what happened to you, kelly? did you forget all of that? >> my son is going to be very confused i have him involved in a synagogue for a preschool because it was a really great school. yet we are catholic. not going to teach him that there is no jesus. >> it's not that we don't think there is no jesus. is he going to the gog and i'm teaching about god answered says well i say gogue. >> megyn kelly maybe a little bit more than we wanted to know but there she is. great american news quiz on
8:45 pm
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>> back of the book segment tonight. the return of the great american news quiz this evening. the bad parents edition. good parents martha maccallum playing for ken. and steve doocy playing for kyla. we want you to explain you were put on hiatus because of campaign coverage. >> we were told probation. >> bill: is that right? now you both are back. you must be thrilled. we missed this segment. we were all busy covering the election. >> we were all busy. >> now we are back to the really serious stuff. >> other thing why we couldn't have the culture quiz every
8:49 pm
week is because doocy, very few people know this because set rhode island governor. they are the same person. all right? keep running up to providence to do it. stop the foolishness and more foolishness. ma barker was the mother of four sons who terrorized the midwest in the 1930s, she helped her her sons plan robberies. big bad momma was based on ma barker's life. >> momma lunches, sandwiches, donuts, fresh coffee compliments of momma's lunches. >> thank you, little lady. >> boys going to take a long lunch today. >> turn around, mr. and never trust a woman giving away her donuts for free. >> bill: bad parent. they kidnapped a wealthy businessman who had ties to which u.s. president?
8:50 pm
answer is franklin roosevelt. doocy, one down. maccallum one up. >> lincoln. >> bill: o.j. simpson very bad parent charged with murdering nicole brown the mother of his two children in what was called the trial of the century simpson was found not guilty in 1995. >> in the matter of the people of the state of california vs. or enalcohol simpson we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant orenthal jane simpson not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of penal code 187 a a felony upon nicole brown simpson a human being as charged in count 1 of the information. >> bill: two attorneys around simpson are dead now. interestingly enough. despite his acquittal in a criminal court a civil jury found simpson liable for the wrongful death. to pay for damages simpson was forced to sell what prized possession?
8:51 pm
pay the civil judgment and the answer is yes, the heisman trophy, b. >> the heisman fire, fitter. >> bill: thank you for that. whatever that was. i'm not quite sure. here is question number three. many across the nation were shocked when casey anthony was found not guilty in the death of her2-year-old daughter cailee. >> as for the charge of first degree murder verdict as to count 1 we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all. orlando, orange county florida, on this 5th day of july 2011, signed foreperson. >> bill: cailee anthony was not reported missing for an attorney month. during that time her mother casey found time to get a tattoo on her shoulder. what does the tattoo say? what is does the cat too say? >> bella vita.
8:52 pm
>> what's what we all do. >> says mom. >> michael jackson reveered for musical talent blasted for parental decisions. in 2002 jackson made headlines for this dangerous display. [screams] all right. jackson was trying to get a reaction from his fans and instead was blasted by the media for putting his baby in danger. where did the display happen? cards up, please. and the answer is b, berlin. germany. >> we are tied. >> tied with one to go. >> bill: i'm surprised you didn't know that. >> i thought it was paris. >> bill: a reason you thought it was paris? >> because i was wrong. >> bill: tie breaker. in addition to running the gambino crime family.
8:53 pm
john gotti was the father of five. his father suffered a tragedy young son was killed by a driver. what happened to the man to killed frank? what happened to the man who killed his son? cards up, please. and roll the tape. >> the person that was driving the car. >> right. >> disappeared. >> correct. >> do you think that was something your father was involved in? >> probably. knowing john, how he was and how he felt about a lot of things, especially regarding his own children, he probably was. >> bill: what a great parent john gotti. so we have a tie. here is the tie breaker. john gotti the mobster, not the son died where? maccallum? >> in prison. >> prison. >> bill: where? >> new york.
8:54 pm
>> bill: wrong. >> lesson worth. >> bill: no. >> alcatraz. sing sing. >> bill: not close. illinois. so both win because i don't have time for these people to wise up. factor tip of the day and it has to do with using the internet for immature person. we love that. the tip 60 seconds away.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
a lot of stuff. also ongm0 the website,ijk dvdf miller, listening upw3r the stocking for sure. now the mail. celebrate christmas without atheists persecuting me. are we talking 1812? the state has just a ban today. please let me know. i doubt. palmdale, california, i'm an not speak for me. i love christmas because it fosters good will. fosters good will. coe with silverman. should have beensgiç more empatc and fatherlybs toward him. i feel like hugh beaumont. ..i'm notñkó empathetic toward t point of view. johnston, rhode island, big mistake sending brian waters for
8:57 pm
tree. they want to call it harvest bcñ bill, i'm with you. all of these secular rescind the christmas federal holiday. bill anderson, alberta, canada,ñ o'reilly, irwrong,d8 christianiy is a religion, not aé4ç8 philo. jesus is the for you, bill. nothf[2ujudr nonbelievers. government cannot impies your loz to say christianity is not a misunderstand what jesus did as a man.l/
8:58 pm
>> when somebody hires me to do s i do it all the way. my parents instilled that in me very early on. they said, you look, you takeé somebody's money, you got to work hard ql for it. it's a fair deal, right? finally tonight "the factor" tip of the$al day. earlier i made fun of the chubby south korean guy who?[auq out this video. kn gangnam style ♪qá,wu >>v:u! onkvci/ñ-/a,d byuñ appraisal of "gangnam styl"
8:59 pm
so they did this. >>(a ♪wu gangnam style ♪p-xd[k(


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